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In our Masterclasses we introduce different earth observation techniques, data sources, analysis methods and software tooling. These multi-day Master classes will challenge you into the innovative possibilities Earth observation
can offer.





Netherlands Earth Observation Cluster



Various executive training & master classes in collaboration with space data experts, to get started with earth observation data applications.



Feasibility studies to consider the use of earth observation to meet expectations in specific industries and environments and tested in our EO lab.



The NEOC coaching network supports parties in to developing their minimal Viable Product (MVP) or demonstrator in a lean manner.

€ 911M

Million EURO, total number of European EO services Industry (2015)

Million EURO impact of the Copernicus program on the insurenace market

Euro's savings for each construction company using AO app's

Percent reduction of cost in a precision agriculture service enabled by Sentinel 2

NEOC Program

The NEOC Program is all about learning, experimenting and bring new remote sensing technologies and EO datasets together to create innovative solutions. Relations with local and regional authorities, SMEs, public institutions and larger companies allows NEOC to act as a catalyst for the diffusion of geospatial services that work.



Sharing knowledge in collaboration with Universities, the Dutch Space Office and European remote sensing institutes


EO Tinkering

The NEOC Lab serves and assists in spatial data analyis using Geographical Information Systems and remote sensing software.



The NEOC coaching network supports parties to bring projects into investment-ready, production-ready & tendering-ready proposition



The space sector in a dialogue about how space can respond to socio- economic and environmental problems, today, and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to this section to get more info on NEOC and some clarficiations how NEOC is organized and how to join the cluster.

NEOC is a not-for-profit foundation. An open-innovation network for geodata-based innovation. We are focused on education, exploration & creation with remote sensing technologies. In today’s data-driven world, it is important to explore the possibilities and the future opportunities of remote sensing. We exchange knowledge and ideas, foster entrepreneurship and collaborate to develop new initiatives. The earth observation cluster supports development of new solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible with earth observation data.
Local and regional authorities and SMEs can work with NEOC to co-organise information events, masterclasses & workshops. Creating case-studies & access to multidisciplinary expertise can be found in the NEOC tinkerlab environment; a FabSpace 2.0 environment and one-stop shop-access to Space data and a wide range of other data as well as software and data processing tools to develop new digital applications. NEOC helps and find partners for EO support in productizing throughout many different areas and sectors.
NEOC can be found at the space business park in Noordwijk at the space business innovation center. No other place in the Netherlands has as much knowledge about space as in Noordwijk. ESTEC is the technical heart of the European Space Agency ESA and the location of the European Galileo reference center. In Noordwijk is the space campus to be formed. Next to Noordwijk, NEOC can be found at the jaarbeurs innovation mile in Utrecht.
You can join the Neoc program in various ways:
Do you want to know more about earth observation please join one of our executive classes we give during the year.
Do you want to organise a specific course to improve your innovation process, please join us and discuss your vison.
As a earth observation specialist you are interested to become more involved in Research and Development and explore new opportunities please join us.
As a policy maker you want to know more about the possibilities Earth observation can bring? Please join one of our a feasibility studies or earth observation workshops.
Do you have an concept in mind to use Earth observation data please join us in our tinker lab environment and explore the posibilities of your idea by doing.
Start today and join us, subscribe at the website or contact NEOC directly via email and phone.
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Case Studies

NEOC conducts feasibility studies to consider the use of earth observation (satellite) data to meet expectations and
identify needs in which EO data could enhance current and future processes.

Radiation Monitoring Station

06/12/2017 / 2 comments / Admin

The NEOC monitoring station measures the same radiative quantities as from a satellite - just the other way around. Such measurements are important to validate satellite data. The station is located in Noordwijk.

Tethered Drones

08/01/2018 / 2 comments / Admin

Development of concepts how to observe the Earth even under cloudy conditions. This observation platform brings the measurement method of satellite closer to the earth's surface.

Crowd Sourced Datacapturing

20/01/2018 / 2 comments / Admin

In times of IoT and miniaturized sensors the combination these ingredients seems obvious: with many low-cost sensors in the field the development and validation of new satellite products becomes straight-forward.

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Space data hold an untapped potential for addressing our current challenges in public health, food security, smart cities, improving agricuture. Data from EO satellites contribute to many activities in tracking, predicting and monitoring earth. Please get in touch with NEOC to explore opportunities